Basic Info:
In Argentum Veritas [IAV] ERC20 token deployed on Ethereum Classic network.
Contract Address: 0x09a9E6D00B07f7C991b98575F75d16811C9c50a4
name: In Argentum Veritas
totalSupply = 2 000 000
symbol = IAV
decimals = 15
You can buy it and sell it back at ratio 1 ETC : 1000 IAV on Swap address.
Swap address: 0x1180B6C9581057ffb5f764974AD40105Bc23D7F4
The Swap web user interface is available on
You can also use blockscout contract interface, code is verified and published.
IAV is also available on
Pool info:
You can track price of IAV token on Hebeswap via dexscreener.
The difference price between contract's hardcoded 1:1000 value and the value on Hebeswap can be turn into ETC profits,
so keep an eye on it and be careful where the price is more optimal
and it might be worth buying on one exchange just to sell on the other with profit
or maybe add it to liquidity pool for profits from future transactions.
Bugs, issues, questions, contact -> send email to

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